#BBNaija, Mercy Is A Hardcore/Razz Lesbian With Diane At Ikoyi Lagos – BBNaija


Mercy Is A Hardcore/Razz Lesbian At Ikoyi Lagos - BBNaija

Following intense speculations that Contestant, is a lesbian, An Instagram user has strongly come on social media to confirm reports that have generated fire and mixed feelings.

This is coming after the and had a passionate moment of solitude to their selves, a moment that many Nigerians mistook for lesbian inspired activity.
However, this Instagram user strongly claims she knows is a razzy lesbian in Ikoyi Lagos, quite popular and that she is trying to possess and also usingIke’s feelings for her as her own strategic prowess in the house, leaving us to believe ’s relationship with Ike is a Hoax.
Here is a brief draft from the brawl on Instagram;

@ihegbu_munah if excess fat is making your pussy smell don’t bring that bad odour to this page animal your mercy is a lesbian chain smoker a video vixen cheap prostitute so get lost

@underscoretofy is not a lesbian Aunty but Mercy is a fucking dirty lesbian she’s now possessing with kiss in an international TV what a shame

@underscoretofy go to Bigbrother_naija2019_update go to that page and watch Your mercy kissing Diane it’s happened few days ago in the midnight and I’m surprised nobody knows but from now on I will be taking about this dirty life of mercy anytime I see her fan coming to say rubbish here

@underscoretofy go to #bigbrother_2019update_ and see your dirty lesbian Mercy with Diane kissing

@underscoretofy stop being a liar here biko if you need glasses ask for one I watched that scene around 2:34am that was when it happened that was when her hair was short with gold that scene happened in the closet show your neighbors if you can’t see properly thanks

@bbn__lover calling mercy a lesbian wont help matters u know, ive seen the video and cudnt help but to say humans are evil and spiteful. Is people like you that brought out their time to edit and post rubbish abt an innocent girl cause i watched that scene, mercy was only begging diane for some coins to escape last week eviction nothing like kiss happened but you humans will stop at noting than spreading stupid rumor. Both pple that are watching and pple that are not everybody wants to talk but keep talking we know the truth 😂

@annableobi you are a liar Aunty if you need glasses tell me. You can’t take it so I’m not surprised because you’re mercy fan sister they kissed around 2:am on that day. How can you accept it when you also suck Your fellow girls pussy it’s fine but if everyone can go to #bigbrother_2019update_ and watch that video close to Avala and isioloma picture please watch very very closely how the both mouth sounded after that kiss The Next day Diane and mercy became very close you can hardly see Diane sleeping close to tuoyo after that act see let me tell you I know a lesbian if I see one and after watching that video you still go blind to see nothing wrong aunty go and suck your pussy even on his page he wrote two lesbians because he clearly saw what went down that night.. so please next time I need a girl that doesn’t like or engage in lesbianism to answer me thank you

@annableobi even without her being in the house she’s a hard core lesbian that I saw messing herself up after a video shoot in island lesbianism is a popular uniform especially for video vixen in Lagos. I say fact this is legit Truth I don’t like talking about anyone but you-all ask for it she has no home training

@annableobi you said about edit and post see Aunty wey mumu mumu Aunty wey no wise is that Page my page or a particular housemate page this #bigbrother_2019update_ is for everyone you can’t swallow the truth after seeing mercy kissing Diane now you speak of editing mad people

@annableobi you’re an idiot very foolish aunty make Ogun kill you there and who is not watching the show animal like you it’s was IK fan that supported your lesbian Mercy but my queen she’s a soldier standing without any housemate help see olosho with a baked beans head

@og_rica your mercy is a pussy seller here in Ikoyi that’s why she can’t stay without a man even in the house MERCY TOTO seller😂😂…

You can continue below (In case you can’t see Images, kindly tap image to expand!):


Exclusive: Mercy Is A Hardcore/Razz Lesbian At Ikoyi Lagos - BBNaija


Exclusive: Mercy Is A Hardcore/Razz Lesbian At Ikoyi Lagos - BBNaija


Exclusive: Mercy Is A Hardcore/Razz Lesbian At Ikoyi Lagos - BBNaija


Exclusive: Mercy Is A Hardcore/Razz Lesbian At Ikoyi Lagos - BBNaija


Exclusive: Mercy Is A Hardcore/Razz Lesbian At Ikoyi Lagos - BBNaija

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