M.anifest – Beat 2

M.anifest – Beat 2 (prod. MikeMillzOnEm)
– Beat 2 (prod. )

Ghanaian god MC, is back with another dope single titled “Beat 2.”

The new single serves as his first effort on a record this year and he killed it with his sick flows.

Finally, the song was produced by .

Listen and share your thoughts below:

M.anifest – Beat 2 (prod. MikeMillzOnEm) MP3

Fresh M.ani baako pɛ… Money flow

I’ve been scheming and plotting
Thought i was at full speed?
I was only trotting
A lion wey i chop kyɛr
Mek u no try, approach me with caution
Van Gogh with the flow but I never drew
I’m taking no L’s, All W’s
Tear rubber ting chale no be home use
Me mek an excuse? No use
I’m a lion I no dey rat race
You want the number 1 spot, e be me you face
But let’s face it most of them are basic
I do this just for kicks, nike, asics
Rapping like this has taken me places
Saddle on the horse we off to the races
Guess you can say the Lord handed his graces
Last time I checked I got a nice pay slip
Did I let it slip? For the hell of it
All bars no rhetoric
Melanin-fresh on the day of reckoning
I manifest, baritone when I’m entering
Man so dapper in jeans or kaba
Gal dem sey boy wei oy3 kama
Two piece suits don’t really suit me
Catch me in new fresh kicks and agbada
You never go dey fit a man wearing a fit that
Is fit for a god I’m the one they ignored
Hmmm..shame… now i’m grinning, me and winning go together
Two peas in a pod
Ow i’m grinning, me and winning go together
Two peas in a pod
Now I’m grinning me and winning go together
Two peas in a pod
Now I’m winning, my cough sef costs 2g’s to record
You are not my mate, you are not my size
But let’s put all this bragging aside
We on the same ship fighting the tide
I captain it will never capsize
Hmmm, let me guess
Do you have savings, do you have debt
Compound the interest on any principal
When it accrues what do you get?
Do you invest or do you just flex?
These are the things that are in my interest
Yɛ di nam na eyi nam, I guess
The aim is to dey on top, counters
Flipping over to a new chapter
Tripping over words while awaiting the rapture
You can bank on me, that’s what the facts are
Absa got a new brand ambassador… me

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