Obesere – Egungun Be Careful

Obesere – Egungun Be Careful
Obesere – Egungun Be Careful

Download Obesere – Egungun Be Careful Na Express You Dey Go Mp3 Download

Nigerian Fuji Legend, popularly known as has his previously heard single ‘Egungun Be Careful’ trending.

For the past few days, Obesere’s smash hit single “Egungun Be Careful” (E Don Happen I Don Tell Am) has been trending on all Social Media platforms.

In addition, the likes of , , Teni and other has dropped a cover to the song which seems to be one of the most listened song at the moment.

Listen and share your thoughts below:

MUSIC: Obesere — Egungun Be Careful

DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Obesere — Egungun Be Careful

The lyrics to the song goes thus:

Egungun be careful, ba express you dey go, motto go jam you, e don happen, I don tell am, e don happen, i don tell am, motto don jam am, i don tell am.

Obesere Talks And Explains The Meaning Of ‘Egungun Be Careful’

In one exclusive interview, explained the meaning of his song, ‘Egungun Be Careful’.
Egungun Be Careful was released over twenty years ago at a time when most youths were much younger.

However, it has risen again once more into the heads of Nigerian youths and young people all over the world.

The lyrics to the song goes thus:

Egungun be careful, ba express you dey go, motto go jam you, e don happen, I don tell am, e don happen, i don tell am, motto don jam am, i don tell am.

When asked about the meaning of the lyrics to Egungun Be Careful, the Veteran Fuji star explained that the lyrics are a form of slang.

He said the lyrics referred to the situation between a Masquerade and its handler.

A masquerade usually cannot see where he is going.
So the handler or guide who can see the way directs the Masquerade in where he should go.
In the situation where the masquerade is heading for the expressway or the main road, the handler warns the masquerade about this.
If the masquerade does not heed the words of its handler, it stands a chance of being hit by a moving vehicle.
If it does get hit, the handler isn’t blamed or held responsible for this because the handler had earlier warned the masquerade about the road.

Obesere also described his experience with starting out as a musician with a different kind of music in the ’90s. Back then people didn’t receive his type of music and sound because his lyrics were lewd and regarded as morally unacceptable to society.

Obesere revealed that he used to cry at night when he just started his career because he knew he was talented but was not bring recognized for it. People hardly incited him to parties because they didn’t want to hear his music. Regardless of the opposition he faced, Obesere persisted at what he knew how to do best, make music that transcended time and generations. Little wonder that one of his songs is currently trending on social media nationwide.

Obesere Akande’s albums from earlier years include American Faaji, Overthrow, Mr Teacher, OBTK, Egungun Be Careful, and Apple Juice,

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